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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about maintaining my hardwood floors?

  • Avoid walking on your hardwood floors with spiked or damaged heeled shoes.
  • Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax, or any other cleaning product that contains lemon, citrus, tug oils, or silicone to clean your floors.
  • Trim pet nails to minimize scratches.
  • Wipe up spills immediately and place an absorbent mat under potted plants. Leaving standing water on your floors will not only darken the boards but will also warp them.
  • Dust mop or vacuum them regularly. Dusting sprays should never be used on your hardwood floors, as it will make them very slick.
  • Use a lightly dampened mop a few times a month (we recommend using a microfiber mop).
  • Place felt pads under furniture legs to prevents scratches.
  • Never pull or scoot your furniture across the floor when moving it.
  • Remember: Hardwood flooring is a natural product, so shrinkage and expansion may happen during certain seasons of the year.


What are the advantages of having wood flooring?

  • Houses with wood floors typically sell faster, and at higher prices than houses with carpet or tile.
  • Wood flooring makes it easier to reduce allergens in your home or business.
  • Hardwood flooring is easier on the legs and back than tile or other hard surface floorings.
  • Wood is a natural resource, renewable and recyclable.
  • Maintenance is simple and requires less care than carpeting. Urethane finishes mean no waxing.
  • Maintained properly, the life of solid wood flooring can often be greater than other types of flooring.


How long does the sanding and finishing process take?
Depending on the square footage of the area, the process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to complete.


How much dust is involved while my hardwood floors are being sanded?
While it is virtually impossible for there not to be any dust while sanding the floors, we do our best to seal off the area with heavyweight plastic. Additionally, we will cover any carpets or furniture that need protection with drop cloths. After the sanding is finished, we use our heavy-duty vacuums to clean the walls and floor to ensure the area is clean and free of dust. We also turn off heating and air systems during sanding, open doors, and windows (if possible) to do our best to eliminate dust created by sanding.


How long after my hardwood flooring is ordered will it take before they are installed?
This is a very important part of the installation process. The hardwood must reach an equilibrium moisture content (EMC) with the job site conditions to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality installation.


How long before I can move my furniture back in the room where my floors have been sanded and refinished?
We recommend waiting 48 hours after the final coat of finish has been applied. When moving your furniture back place, be careful not to scoot it across the floor. The finish cures over time, therefore we also recommend no throw rugs for at least 2 weeks.


How will I choose the color of my stain?
We feel choosing your stain color should be done in your home and not in a showroom. This way you will have an actual idea of what color looks best with the lighting in the room. Our employees do a great job in helping our customers choose the perfect stain for their floor. We offer a variety of premixed stain colors but can customize the color to suit your needs.